Company Profile

Sligro Food Group encompasses food retail and foodservice companies selling directly and indirectly to the entire Dutch food and beverages market. The Group is active in foodservice as a wholesaler and in food retail as a wholesaler and retailer.


Sligro Food Group leads the Dutch foodservice market, with a nationwide network of cash & carry and delivery-service outlets serving hospitality establishments, leisure facilities, volume users, company and other caterers, forecourt retailers, small and medium-sized enterprises, retail businesses and the institutional market. The cash & carry operation has 50 Sligro wholesale outlets and the delivery operation has 8 delivery centres. On the institutional market, we trade under the Van Hoeckel name.

In 2015 Sligro Food Group has acquired the entire share capital of CaterTech, in the market well-known as Bouter (read here the press release). Bouter specialises in consultancy and designing, supplying, installing and maintaining professional kitchen equipment and chilling and freezing technology.

In 2016 JAVA Foodservice was acquired, a top-three player in the Belgian foodservice market. JAVA Foodservices focuses on the institutional market segments, business catering and a number of hotel chains (read the press release).

In January 2017 Sligro Food Group N.V. and Alimax NV announced that they expect to reach agreement on the acquisition by Sligro Food Group of all the shares of Exquisite Food NV and its subsidiaries ISPC International NV, ISPC Ghent NV, Exquisite Seafood NV and Océan Marée NV, together known as ISPC. Read more in the press release.

ZiN Inspiratielab

On November 30th, the ZiN Inspiratielab of Sligro was officially opened by Her Majesty Queen Mathilde of Belgium.The ZiN Inspiratielab is a foodlab for foodprofessionals. CEO Koen Slippens was very pleased with the royal visit. "We see the interest of Queen Mathilde as a great compliment and it gives us further energy to develop Sligro in Belgium”.

Food Retail

The food retail activities comprise around 133 full-service EMTÉ supermarkets, of which 30 are operated by independent retailers.

Food Production

We also operate our own in-house production facilities for specialised convenience products, fish and exclusive patisserie, deserts and savoury products , as well as a meat-processing centre focusing on the retail market. Our Fresh Partners associates specialise in meat, game and poultry, fruit and vegetables and bread and bakery products. Read more about the four production companies here.

Food and non-food products

Our customers have the choice of around 75,000 food and food-related non-food items. We also offer a range of services, some on a franchise basis.


CIV Superunie B.A., a leading purchasing cooperative with a share of around 30% of the Dutch supermarket sector, handles Sligro Food Group's food retail purchases. As market leader in the sector, the Group handles its own purchases of foodservice products. Sligro Food Group companies actively seek to share expertise and utilise the substantial scope for synergy and economies of scale.

Activities that are primarily customer-related take place at an individual operating company level, with back-of-house management at a central level. We strive to increase our gross margins through joint purchasing, combined with direct and detailed margin management.

Operating expenses

Operating expenses are reduced through ongoing tight cost control and a joint integrated logistics strategy. Group synergy is further enhanced by joint ICT systems, joint management of property and group-wide management development.

Organisation structure

The following chart shows which Group operating companies target the various segments of the food market. Central where possible, local where necessary.

Sligro Food Group strives to be a high-quality company achieving steady, managed growth for all its stakeholders. Sales in 2016 totalled €2.8 billion and the net profit
€73 million. The average number of employees on a full-time basis was 6,600. Sligro Food Group shares are listed on Euronext Amsterdam.