Core themes

Core themes

Sligro Food Group's CSR policy addresses three core themes, in which we believe our major opportunities and challenges lie and where our responsibility in the chain is greatest and most obvious: people, the environment and our product range.

For the core themes - people, the environment and our product range - we have formulated qualitative and quantitative ambitions. .

Our core themes


For a number of years, Sligro Food Group makes use of a CSR Steering Group. The composition of this Steering Group has been matched to the CSR core themes which we have formulated for the Group  and for which the members bear ultimate responsibility for their respective areas within Sligro Food Group

CSR Steering Group
The CSR Steering Group as a whole makes policy decisions and the individual members implement them operationally within their specialist fields. The CSR Steering Group is chaired by the CEO. Our progress towards sustainability is a regular item on the agendas of Works Council, Executive Board and Supervisory Board meetings and regular presentations on that subject are given at those meetings. Pieces about our sustainability activities are also published in the Sligro Food Group staff magazine 'sliM'.