CSR vision

CSR vision

At Sligro Food Group, corporate social responsibility and commercial returns go hand in hand.

The advantage of this approach is that CSR stays high on our agenda, even in tough economic times, or rather in today's new reality.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

For us, corporate social responsibility is simply a key element of professional and sustainable business practices. That may well have to do with our position as a listed family business because, as a family business, we want to do things properly and treat our environment with due respect.

MVO-Nederland vision
We measure the added value of Sligro Food Group by more than financial performance alone. As well as financial results, issues relating to safety (including food safety), energy, the environment and society also play an important role for us. MVO-Nederland (the Dutch CSR platform) defines CSR as 'an integrated business vision in which the business creates value at the economic (Profit), environmental (Planet) and social (People) levels'. We recognise our vision in MVO-Nederland's definition.

CSR objectives

We have made good progress in recent years in defining and achieving our CSR objectives. We have found that our intrinsic motivation, namely our sincere desire to help in shaping the world we leave to the generations to follow, can go hand in hand with the pursuit of quantifiable targets.

We believe that this combination is important, because setting targets alone should not be an end in itself: what is ultimately important is the concrete and effective action we take to bring about improvement.

FIRA certificate

FIRA is an organization which verifies CSR information from companies and institutions. Through the FIRA Platform - a digital register – companies make their CSR performance visible to customers. The platform has more than 2,300 profiles.

Sligro Food Group is certified FIRA and publishes their CSR performance and future plans through the FIRA Platform. You can find the FIRA certificate of Sligro Food Group on the page ‘CSR reports’ on this website.