CSR vision

CSR vision

At Sligro Food Group, corporate social responsibility and commercial returns go hand in hand.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

For us, corporate social responsibility is simply a key element of professional and sustainable business practice. That stems from the roots of our family business, with its stock market listing. As a family business you simply want to do the right thing by the people who work for you and for the wider world, now and with a view to the future.

We measure the added value of Sligro Food Group by more than financial performance alone. As well as financial results, issues relating to safety (including food safety), energy, the environment  and society also play an important role for us. Corporate social responsibility sits naturally in our integrated business vision, whereby we create value at the economic (Profit), environmental (Planet) and social (People) levels. With this in mind, we view the OECD guidelines as a natural reference framework for our corporate social responsibility policy.

One business, one policy

As a centrally managed organisation we pursue a single sustainability policy for the Group. Our core themes, ambitions and targets accordingly apply to our activities in the Netherlands and Belgium. There may be differences in the direction and method we use to achieve this in each country or part of the business.

Stakeholder dialogue

It is noticeable that our transparent and clear-cut sustainability choices provide an incentive and an invitation to enter into dialogue. Customers ask to help them make sustainable choices in our product range and this is of huge value to us, too. By creating a sense of involvement and by listening we are able to gain an insight into the expectations and needs of our customers. We also take steps with our suppliers back in the chain. This collaboration often extends further than the classic product supply and demand. The dialogue is more about coordination and collaboration, for example on sustainable packaging, smarter logistics and a joint market approach with the aim of improving the balance between financial and social returns.

CSR certification

We have doubts about the true added value of CSR certification in practice. However, stakeholder dialogue with our major foodservice customers has revealed a need for a quantification model. To meet this need, we obtained our FIRA 'bronze registration'. This means we share our CSR performance and future plans with other companies through the FIRA Platform.

FIRA is an organization which verifies CSR information from companies and institutions. Through the FIRA Platform - a digital register – companies make their CSR performance visible to customers. The platform has more than 2,300 profiles. Sligro Food Group is certified FIRA and publishes their CSR performance and future plans through the FIRA Platform.

You can find the FIRA certificate of Sligro Food Group on the page ‘CSR reports’ on this website.