Employee share ownership

Employee share ownership

Employees can count on the support of an employer with a sense of responsibility towards the people who work for it. That is why Sligro Food Group employees can also become shareholders.

Our employees now jointly own 3.94% of the shares. Sligro Food Group’s goal is to enable all our employees to be shareholders in the company.

Sense of belonging

Preserving our ‘Sligro Food Group culture’ and our identity and maintaining the motivation, loyalty and, above all, the involvement of our staff will continue to be a critical success factor in the future. That shared commitment has always been central to our corporate culture. Our origins are, after all, those of the family business, with a strongly developed sense of belonging. Being a shareholder plays an important role in this regard, and goes beyond share ownership pure and simple.

Encouragement of share ownership

At Sligro Food Group, we seek to encourage long-term ownership of shares in our company and link growth in that ownership to our performance. For many years Sligro Food Group has had a profit-sharing scheme for its employees. This is based on the group's profit as a percentage of sales.

Profit-sharing scheme

In 2015 we introduced a new profit-sharing scheme because the existing scheme and changes in tax rules have had the effect of distorting the ratio between ‘value’ to the employee and cost to the Group. A part of the new scheme are the Green Blood certificates. The video below gives an explanation.

However, also this profit-sharing scheme is now, due to tax rules, under discussion. We will continue the scheme in 2016 and continue the political dialogue.

In February 2015, an extra information magazine (in Dutch) is published, in which the new profit-sharing scheme is explained.