EMTÉ Supermarkets

Full-service supermarkets with top-quality fresh produce, friendly staff and low prices.

The tastiest supermarket in the Netherlands

EMTÉ offers fresh produce and traditionally made food items of outstanding quality and a fun shopping experience that also saves you money. Delicious products, professionalism and personal service are the key.

As part of Sligro Food Group, EMTÉ sets itself apart from the competition by specialising in top-quality fresh produce. Our 6,000 staff take great pride in giving our customers the best possible service.

130 Supermarkets

EMTÉ has around 130 full-service supermarkets, of which 30 are run by independent retailers. EMTÉ supermarkets are located mainly in the south, centre and east of the Netherlands, where we are aiming for regional market leadership.

EMTÉ 3.0

In 2015 a new formula is introduced, called EMT 3.0. This formula is entirely devoted to inspiration and experience around good and tasty food. Existing stores will be converted. Watch the movie below for an 3.0-impression!


Offering a high standard of service is a priority. EMTÉ has received numerous awards over the years.

EMTÉ Supermarkets awards