Corperate governance


The Supervisory Board is responsible for preparing the remuneration policy for the Executive Board of Sligro Food Group.

In accordance with the recommendations of the Dutch Code of Corporate Governance, the remuneration policy should be approved by the General Meeting of Shareholders of Sligro Food Group. The same applies to significant changes in the policy. Having due regard to the approved remuneration policy, the Supervisory Board sets the remuneration of the individual members of the Executive Board. The Sligro Food Group Remuneration Policy can be found here.

Remuneration Report

The remuneration and other terms and conditions of appointment of each Executive Board member are set by the Supervisory Board, based on the policy adopted by the General Meeting of Shareholders.

Decisions on material matters are always made jointly and all members have shared responsibility. The Remuneration Reports can be found in the scheme below.


The following table contains links to details of the remuneration of Executive Board and Supervisory Board members in recent years.

Remuneration Report 2018 Download (pdf, 564,3kB)
Remuneration Report 2017 Download (pdf, 59kB)
Remuneration Report 2016 Download (pdf, 74,6kB)
Remuneration Report 2015 Download (pdf, 55,9kB)
Remuneration Report 2014 Download (pdf, 74,2kB)
Remuneration Report 2013 Download (pdf, 50,3kB)
Remuneration Report 2012 Download (pdf, 107,2kB)
Remuneration Report 2011 Download (pdf, 99,5kB)
Remuneration Report 2010 Download (pdf, 95,4kB)
Remuneration Report 2009 Download (pdf, 95,4kB)