Corperate governance

Risk management

Assessing risks and their consequences for our business strategy are matters that are continually on Sligro Food Group’s senior and executive management agendas.

Even so, there is no guarantee that all will be well, because the economic circumstances can change so rapidly and the markets are so volatile that assessing the possible outcomes remains a challenge.

Conservative financing

One of the principles that we have always sought to abide by is to have a conservative financing structure, with sufficient buffers to enable us to withstand difficult periods. If something unexpected does happen, our extremely healthy balance sheet coupled with committed bank finance arrangements means that there are normally sufficient resources available to address the unpredictable.

Risk management and control systems

'To measure is to know' is a key principle of risk management, which is why Sligro Food Group has a number of risk management and control systems. We regard improving the reliability of our management information and, more importantly, ensuring it becomes increasingly specific and targeted, as an ongoing process.

Other risks

There are a number of risks that we consider to be the most critical in our activities. You can read more about this on page 77 in our Annual report 2017.


Risk management is reported in the Annual report 2017.