International Board

Sligro Food Group has an International Board that consists of the Executive Board and executives with responsibilities in the areas of ICT, supply chain, HRM and procurement and assortment management. In addition, the country director of Foodservice Netherlands is a member of the International Board.

A.E. Bögels (1972)

  • Country Director Foodservice Netherlands
  • Date of joining the company: 01-10-2014
  • Present position held since: 01-01-2019
  • Qualifications: Economics
  • Qualifications: Management & Organisation

J.G.M. de Bree (1957)

  • Chief HR Officer (CHRO)
  • Date of joining the company: 01-7-1996
  • Present position held since: 01-10-2004
  • Qualifications: General Social Sciences

G. Buitenhuis (1964)

  • Chief Supply chain Officer (CSO)
  • Date of joining the company: 01-05-2016
  • Present position held since: 01-05-2016
  • Qualifications: SPD / Economics

M.M.P.H.L. van Veghel (1972)

  • Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • Date of joining the company: 01-01-2008
  • Present position held since: 01-01-2008
  • Qualifications: Civil Engineering
  • Qualifications: Construction Informatics