Van Hoeckel

The leading specialist supplier to the care market that works with you to ensure that meals are the three best moments of the day.

Partner in food care

Van Hoeckel is a food and drink supplier meeting the entire requirements of the care market – a partner in food care offering daily distribution of the full range of food and non-food items to over 1,200 care providers across the length and breadth of the Netherlands.

As well as supplying the products, Van Hoeckel advises customers on ways of optimising their mealtime operations, because meals are the three best moments of the day for care clients.

Coaching programmes

Van Hoeckel’s coaching programmes help customers to significantly improve their mealtime operations. The four programmes are:

De assortimentscoach© (product range coach): ensures the best possible product range for your clients and an improvement in profitability for our customers
De bereidingscoach© (preparation coach): optimises the preparation process in the kitchen
De cliëntbelevingscoach© (client experience coach): encourages hospitality and improves the meal experience
De distributiecoach© (distribution coach): optimises the profitability of the logistics process:


Van Hoeckel also backs up its hospitable care approach by means of operational support employing formats such as ‘Verwensuper’ shop management, restaurant formats and the ‘Meesterschap’ masterchef meal concepts.

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