Sligro Food Group's CSR policy addresses three core themes which we believe represent where our major opportunities and challenges lie: people, the environment and our product range.

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For each of these areas we have formulated qualitative and quantitative ambitions. On the pages People, the Environment and our Product range we report the progress in these fields.


We want to offer our employees and their families a challenging, inspiring and safe working environment. We want to play an active and responsible role in the community in which we are directly or indirectly involved.


Respect for all stakeholders is part of our CSR policy. One way in which this respect is expressed is in transparent communication with customers, about products and about resolving problems.

Customer satisfaction for us is a measure of the extent to which customers perceive Sligro Food Group as treating its customers well. We have therefore set ourselves the goal of sustained improvement in our Net Promotor Score (NPS).


The Environment

We aim to play a pioneering role, in which our respect for the environment drives us constantly to undertake bold but sensible innovation, keeping social and economic return in balance while remaining aware of our stewardship responsibilities.

CO2 emissions

As a measure of the success of our efforts, we have calculated our CO2 emissions.

To relate our CO2 emissions to the growth of our business in the coming years, the figure is expressed as a percentage of sales. We aim to cut our CO2-emissions per sales euro by 20% between 2010 and 2020, which is why we refer to it as our '20-20 target.'

The CO2 graph shows the CO2 emissions in relation to the total sales expressed as grams of CO2 equivalent/net sales in euros.

Our active policy has resulted un us reaching our CO2 reduction target for 2020 in 2017.

Our Product range

It is our responsibility to assist and motivate our customers to make sustainable and healthy choices. With our unique Eerlijk & Heerlijk (literally 'honest and delicious') concept, we have been putting our sustainable product range firmly on the map since 2010 and helping our customers to make the right choices. Our target it to be achieving at least 10% of sales from our sustainable product range by 2020.