Culture and employees

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Sligro Food Group has a number of organisational goals.

Sligro Food Group has formulated a number of goals which the company believes to be important and appropriate to the organisation and culture of Sligro Food Group.

Organisational goals

  • Establish long-term employment relationships, consistent with our status as a reliable and professional employer.
  • Encourage relatively long-lasting service in key activities within the company in order to maximise the payback from investments in training, corporate culture and commitment.
  • Uphold employees' pride in Sligro Food Group through intensive communication and enabling them to share in the Group's success.
  • Create a safe and pleasant working environment in which employees from different backgrounds can all feel at home.
  • Ensure cooperation and partnership as a means of achieving targeted synergistic benefits for the Group.
  • Embed our culture, our 'Green Blood', in our organisation through a structured programme in order to continue ensuring entrepreneurialism and employee engagement in a growing and increasingly international organisation.
  • Create a leadership style reflecting our culture.
  • Remain committed to an informal organisation where short lines of communication and reporting help to achieve intelligent and rapid solutions in day-to-day activities.
  • Maintain and continue promoting customer-oriented and customer-friendly practices as the norm for all our employees.
  • Anticipate the challenges in the marketplace and our ambitions for the future through a group-wide quality drive in the organisation.
  • Consistently strive to improve employees' performance by providing structured and challenging opportunities for training and management development.