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Green Blood

Sligro Food Group believes the most important distinctive feature of its business lies in its corporate culture – by which we mean the way we work in partnership, the way we treat our customers and the way we manage people and processes.

In focussing on how we work and how we aim to succeed, we not only look at the results in the shorter term but also, and primarily, at the longer-term sustainability and viability of our growth, in terms of both quality and results.

It is vital, in a rapidly growing organisation, to clearly identify what makes your culture unique, to communicate those features effectively, to use them when selecting new employees and particularly to ensure you behave, from the top of the organisation downwards, in a way that reflects that culture.

Green Blood

We have identified the following five elements (below in Dutch) as constituting our Sligro Food Group DNA – our ‘Green Blood’. On the page Corporate values you will find the English translation of these five elements.

Culture and Leadership Programme

There are various programs for executives. The "Green Blood" culture features are always part of such a program.

In this way, the cultural features throughout the organization remain under attention. This helps to encourage employees to effectively convey the cultural features.

Inspiration meetings

Each year we plan to hold inspiration meetings for a select, but wide-ranging group of managers, from all levels of the organisation. At each meeting, we will be examining one of the above topics in an inspiring way with speakers from within and outside our organisation.

We are very aware that corporate culture is not something one can take for granted, certainly not in the case of a culture as pronounced as ours. As we see it, satisfied staff make for satisfied customers. It cannot be a coincidence that the differences in customer satisfaction ratings and financial results are equally marked.

Translation in competencies

We have translated our corporate culture and the features typifying this culture into a series of specific competencies. The model chosen is an online model, which has now been fully populated.

In consultation with a broad cross-section of line management we have identified core competencies tying in with the Sligro Food Group culture, as well as a set of more job-specific competencies. These competency profiles are used by us for recruitment and selection of new staff and in designing training programmes, for example for supervisors.