Van Hoeckel, the Group business which focuses on the institutional market, is one of the initiators of DoSocial, a new partnership of players who are directly or indirectly connected with the care sector.

The partners have one overriding goal: to bring about structural improvements in the social welfare of the elderly and other people in need of help. This is what DoSocial is all about.


During the past year, numerous players in the healthcare sector, ranging from suppliers to service providers, have signed up to DoSocial. The underlying principle is that each partner should contribute to the realisation of the social initiatives – mainly in the form of time, manpower, resources, knowledge and expertise – building on the strength of a combined effort.

Social store cupboard

DoSocial has established a ‘social store cupboard’, to which requests of a social nature can be submitted, with the idea that partners in the scheme then indicate what they can offer in the way of help – essentially, a way of bringing together supply and demand. Applications have to satisfy a number of important conditions, such as being concerned with a group of elderly people or others reliant on long-term care.

To find out more about DoSocial, visit the website.