Liliane Fund

Sligro Food Group has been working closely with the Liliane Fund for many years. We chose the Liliane Fund because it provides transparent and focused support: it is not an anonymous colossus, but an organisation built by committed individuals.

We want to go further than just making occasional cash donations, important though they are. Our partnership has become embedded in the organisation.

The charity Liliane Fonds has been supported by Sligro Food Group, by Sligro Food Group employees and by customers of Sligro for many years. Sligro includes items in its range of Christmas hampers from which part of the sales proceeds is donated to the Liliane Fund. Our contribution provides small-scale, personalised aid and we also adopted a major, long-term project.

Sri Lanka

After the Benin Project, we were on the lookout for a new project – ideally in one of the regions where we are active through the purchase of products and where the Liliane Fund is also active.

Sri Lanka is a country where both Sligro and Liliane Fonds are active. Amongst other products, our Alex Meijer tea comes from Sri Lanka and Liliane Fonds operates an extensive aid programme in the country. It was found that there were more than a hundred children with disabilities on the plantations receiving hardly any attention at all. Many are left at home alone all day because their parents have to work at the plantation.

Sustainable project
This resulted in a new partnership in Sri Lanka involving the Liliane Fund, Sligro Food Group and Bogawanta Iawa, the local producer of our Alex Meijer teas. Together we set ourselves for this 'forgotten' group the goal of finding jobs for 100 disabled children with our tea supplier as they reach working age, so as to make them less reliant on social support.

Agreements have been reached with Liliane Fonds and Bogawantalawa on ways of helping these children. The plan which has been drawn up is aimed at the longer term, it is sustainable and the idea is that it should ultimately serve as a model for the entire plantation sector.

To find out more about the Liliane Fund, visit the website.