Not everyone is able to pamper themselves or treat themselves to a few little luxuries in life. Large groups of people with chronic illnesses, such as patients in psychiatric hospitals, have no way of organising anything to cheer themselves up. For this, they are dependent on others. That’s where Verwenzorg comes in.


Verwenzorg is a charity providing patient care for the chronically ill which does not concentrate solely on adequate medical care but also seeks to improve the quality of people's lives by, for example, giving them personal attention. Van Hoeckel – our business unit serving the institutional market – and its employees have decided to help, by supporting Verwenzorg.

Voluntary support staff

Supporting Verwenzorg is not about buying a name for good deeds by making a one-off donation. It means making sure there is a piece of cake to go with the coffee, going for a walk with patients, having a chat, having a bubble bath or maybe putting a bunch of flowers on the ward. For Van Hoeckel, Verwenzorg means above all providing voluntary support staff and spreading the word. In this way, the company is directly and personally involved in the wellbeing of its customers' patients, going beyond merely supplying goods and services to customers.