The media centre contains photographs, logos and videos relating to the Sligro Food Group, Foodservice and Food production operations.


The foodservice activities have a network of 50 Sligro Cash & Carry outlets and 8 Delivery Service outlets serving hospitality establishments, the leisure industry, caterers and small and medium-sized businesses among other customers. On the institutional market, we trade under the Van Hoeckel name. Click here for Foodservice images.

Sligro is renewing their outlets and opens new ones. Watch the video below for an impression of the new Sligro 3.0-style.

Food production

Sligro Food Group has the production companies: Culivers, Smit Vis and Maison Niels de Veye. Click here for food production images.

Logos and Executive Board photographs

The Logos page contains the logos of Foodservice and Food production companies as well as Sligro Food Group itself. The Executive Board page has photographs of the Executive Board members.


The Sligro Food Group YouTube channel carries various videos about the organisation. On the Sligro YouTube channel you can find videos of Sligro.

Watch the Sligro Food Group company film below