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Sligro Food Group greatly appreciates your interest in the company and thanks you for visiting this site. The use of our site is governed by specific terms of use which we ask you to read.

Terms of use

Access to and use of the websites www.sligrofoodgroup.nl and www.sligrofoodgroup.com (the 'Site') are governed by the terms of use (Terms of Use) set forth below. By visiting the Site and viewing its contents, you accept the Terms of Use without any limitation or reservation whatsoever, to the extent permitted by law.


Sligro Food Group has carefully checked all the information on the Site and does its best to keep it as up-to-date as possible. Nevertheless, Sligro Food Group is unable to give any guarantee regarding the completeness, up-to-dateness or accuracy of any information on the Site whatsoever. It should be noted that the definitive version of a publication or press release is the original printed version thereof.

This Site is a translation of the Dutch original. In the event of any inconsistencies or differences of interpretation between the original and translated versions the Dutch version shall prevail.

Sligro Food Group accepts no liability whatsoever for any harm, of whatever nature, that might arise from access to or use of the Site and/or the application, processing or other use of the information contained on the Site nor will Sligro Food Group be liable for harm due to possible viruses which may infect your computer as a result of using the Site or for the loss of software or other data on your information processing system or in any other way.

No part of the information on the Site forms or may be construed as an invitation to invest in or otherwise enter into transactions relating to shares or other securities of Sligro Food Group or an invitation by or on behalf of Sligro Food Group and/or one of its subsidiaries to enter into a contract with you. Sligro Food Group does not give any guarantees of any kind whatsoever relating to another website to which you gain access via the Site or from which you obtain access to the Site. Any such links are included solely for convenience and Sligro Food Group is not responsible for the contents of pages on other websites.

Sligro Food Group attempts to ensure that the Site is continuously accessible but will not be liable for any consequences however caused because the Site for whatever reason is not available at a given moment. The Site may be temporarily or permanently taken out of operation by Sligro Food Group without prior notice.


The copyright to the contents of the Site and all downloads is owned by Sligro Food Group and/or its subsidiaries. All rights are reserved. The information on the Site, including but not restricted to text, presentations, figures, images and sounds, may not be reproduced, transferred, distributed or saved without the prior written consent of Sligro Food Group. Sligro Food Group does, however, grant the right to copy, save, display and reproduce the contents of the Site (or parts thereof) for personal use, provided that:
- said contents are used exclusively for information purposes and not for commercial and/or political purposes;
- every copy or part thereof bears an acknowledgement of its having come from the Site.
Making changes to the contents of the Site is expressly prohibited.

Brands and logos

All trademarks (logos and/or emblems) and other signatures depicted on the Site are registered by Sligro Food Group and/or its subsidiaries. Nothing on the Site may be construed as conferring any licence or right to the use of these brands and/or logos. Such use requires prior written permission given by Sligro Food Group and/or its subsidiaries. All use and/or misuse of these brands and/or logos is strictly prohibited.

Specific software made available via the Site

Any software which is made available for download from the Site (the ‘Software’) is the work of Sligro Food Group and/or third-party suppliers of software that is protected by copyright laws. The use of the Software is subject to the terms of use under the licence agreement with the end-user that is included with the Software or forms an integral part of the Software (the ‘Licence Agreement’).

It is possible that end-users must accept the terms of the Licence Agreement before they can install the Software. The Software is made available for download by end-users exclusively in accordance with the Licence Agreement. Reproduction or redistribution of the Software in contravention of the Licence Agreement may lead to the imposition of fines in civil and/or criminal proceedings. Copying of the Software for onward reproduction or redistribution is expressly prohibited. Sligro Food Group hereby excludes all guarantees in relation to the Software.

Privacy policy and terms of use

Sligro Food Group believes it has a duty to protect your privacy as much as possible and takes all reasonable precautions to protect information obtained from or about you from unauthorised use to the maximum possible extent.

At various places on the Site we ask you to enter information. Your personal details, including your email address, can be used in several ways. If, for example, you provide us with your details because you want to receive information from us (e.g. press releases, annual reports or other information about Sligro Food Group), we will keep your details stored on our system and use them in order to meet your request for information.

We may also use your details for marketing and promotional purposes connected with Sligro Food Group and/or its subsidiaries. We shall, however, never sell your personal details or otherwise make them available to third parties other than subsidiaries or joint-venture partners of ours.

If you do not want us to use your details for such purposes, you can prevent this by sending a message requesting us not to do so to the email address given lower down.

If you view or download information, we can register your visit by the use of cookies. A cookie is a small data element that a website can send to your browser which is then stored on your computer so that you will be recognised the next time you visit the Site. These cookies enable Sligro Food Group to tailor information to your preferences and to see what parts of the Site are most visited. Most browsers accept cookies by default. You can, of course, set your browser to block cookies but, if you do this, you will not always be able to make full use of the Site.

The Site may also contain links to websites other than those of Sligro Food Group. Sligro Food Group has no control over the way in which such websites treat privacy.

Amendments and applicable law

Sligro Food Group reserves the right to amend these Terms of Use at any time. Such amendments are equally binding on you and you should therefore regularly visit this page to read the latest Terms of Use which you are bound by.

Sligro Food Group manages this Site from its head office in Veghel, the Netherlands.

If you have any observations, comments, suggestions or complaints you should write to:

Sligro Food Group NV
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5460 AA Veghel
E-mail: info@sligrofoodgroup.nl

The Terms of Use are governed by and interpreted according to the laws of the Netherlands and, in accepting them, you agree to any disputes connected with the Privacy Policy and/or Terms of Use or the implementation thereof being decided by the competent court in ’s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands.

If a competent court rules that particular provisions of these Terms of Use are not legally valid or not practicable, the invalidated provisions of the Terms of Use will be deemed to have been deleted from the Terms of Use although the remaining provisions of the Terms of Use remain in full force.