Corporate Social Responsibility

Take a look at the current figures

At Sligro Food Group, corporate social responsibility, sustainability and financial returns go hand in hand. This goes without saying for our listed family-run company. After all, as a listed family business, you naturally want to treat those around you and your environment decently and respectfully, both today and for the sake of future generations. It is in our 'Green Blood'. 

CSR vision: how we work
Financial performance is not the only way we measure Sligro Food Group's added value, we also try to make a difference when it comes to food (safety, health, availability), energy, environmental and societal issues. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is part of our overall business philosophy of value creation on economic (Profit), environmental (Planet) and social (People) terms. In this perspective, we see the OECD guidelines as a natural frame of reference for our corporate social responsibility policy.

Duurzaam ondernemen

Ons MVO-beleid is gebaseerd op drie voor ons relevante kernthema's waarin de belangrijkste kansen en uitdagingen liggen en waarvoor onze verantwoording in de keten het grootst en meest vanzelfsprekend is: de mens, het milieu en het assortiment. 

Onze kernthema's veranderen niet met de komst van CSRD. Omwille van de rapportage worden ze wel ondergebracht in de ESG-structuur (Enviroment, Social & Governance). 


We value the themes of climate change, water and marine resources, biodiversity and ecosystems, and circular economy.


This focuses on our own workforce, employees in the supply chain, and consumers and end users. 


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