Our ambition is to be the undisputed market leader in food service and set the tone in good food in the Benelux countries. 


We see 'helping every professional in food truly get ahead' as our role. Increasingly, our business is not just about supplying our customers with food and food-related non-food products correctly, at the right price, on time and completely; our customers expect more from us. People want maximum convenience through an extensive range of services, and data and digitalisation are increasingly an important basis for this. 


In meeting this expectation, we try to strike an optimum balance between customer intimacy (extreme customer focus) and operational excellence. We want to be an organisation in which everybody always goes the extra mile for a customer and understands how crucial our role is to our customers’ operations and fully realises the responsibility that entails. At the same time, our customers demand an efficient supply chain and we see that data, (digital) platforms, systems and innovation are increasingly important.

The organisation is managed based on our results-oriented, entrepreneurial culture, which focuses consistently on building and maintaining long-term relationships with customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders. Our shared passion for delicious, good and honest food is anchored in our company’s DNA.