Key objectives

Sligro Food Group focuses specifically on the food service market in the Netherlands and Belgium with a comprehensive range of food and food-related non-food products and services. Our individual business units primarily focus on our professional customers. Each has its own distinctive profile in the market. Operating under centralised management and supported by an internationally integrated, professional and efficient back-office organisation, the business units work closely together across the border between the Netherlands and Belgium. Knowledge-sharing between the various operations is encouraged to maximise synergies across the Group. 

In a growing organisation, preserving and further conveying our signature culture is a constant focus of attention for us. The influx of new talent, and therefore new experience, and the know-how of employees who have been working at Sligro Food Group for years create an engaging and powerful mix of people. We will further strengthen this in the coming years through our efforts in relation to themes such as diversity and inclusiveness. Building balanced, diverse teams and ensuring that they work together effectively are among the main priorities of our leadership programme.

Sligro Food Group operates in a highly competitive environment where rising costs can only be passed on in part to customers. We absorb the remaining cost impact by continually improving the efficiency of our operations with measures such as effective logistics and communication, data and information systems.

The Group handles most of its own procurement for both the Dutch and the Belgian business units. Bundling volumes internationally where possible and purchasing locally where desired gives us a nice mix of synergy and local fit within this process. Being a member of the Superunie procurement cooperative also allows us to benefit from economies of scale through joint procurement with our fellow members.