Consumers and end users

We encourage customers to make a sustainable choice and select products produced with respect for people, the environment and health.

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We use ‘StakeholderWatch’ not only to measure the satisfaction of our employees, but also of our customers and suppliers. The overall customer satisfaction score is the weighted average (by revenue) of the satisfaction scores for cash-and-carry outlets and delivery service sites in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Sustainable product range

We have an immense range of around 75,000 items. We have a clear sustainability focus for this range: we encourage customers to make a sustainable choice. We do this by making products that are produced with consideration for people, health and the environment accessible and clearly recognisable. In 2010, we brought them together in the ‘eerlijk & heerlijk’ concept (a name that translates as ‘fair & delicious’). This is not a quality mark, but a classification method we use to help our customers make a responsible choice. ‘Eerlijk & heerlijk’ is based on four pillars: organic, sustainable, fair trade and regional.

SRP monitor

Whereas ‘eerlijk & heerlijk’ helps all our customers to make sustainable choices on an item-by-item basis, the SRP monitor has been specially developed for corporate catering and healthcare sector customers. The SRP monitor is a product range reporting system, based on SRP criteria set by the government’s PIANOo organisation. The aim of the criteria is to raise sustainable procurement in the Netherlands to a higher level in terms of efficiency and quality. The reporting system helps our customers and their customers to understand how healthy and sustainable their product range is. They can then decide where to focus their improvements and take targeted steps to achieve their health and sustainability targets.

Food safety and product quality

Control over food safety in our processes is ensured by internal and external audits performed in accordance with national and international legislation and standards. International food safety standards increasingly require companies to maintain a food safety culture. Within the Group, food safety has top priority. If any doubt exists about the food safety of a product, we take no chances, removing the products from sale and informing customers of the potential risks immediately.


All sites possess the relevant food safety certifications. The head office, central distribution centre, delivery sites and production companies are certified under FSSC 22000, an international standard recognised by the GFSI.