Employees in the supply chain

We work closely with a number of service providers, specifically in respect of distribution and the supply of fresh produce, but also in data and IT.

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In the Netherlands, we have subcontracted most of our transport to professional hauliers. In Belgium we employ our own drivers and outsource part of the transport. Whether drivers work for Sligro Food Group directly or through an external company does not make any difference to us in how we treat them. Our drivers are our ambassadors as they are generally the ones who are most in contact with customers. We train and support our drivers in this respect and get them all involved in Sligro Food Group.

Fresh partners

Employees of our fresh partners Kaldenberg and Ruig work at our cash-andcarry outlets. Just as much as our ‘own’ staff, they act as ambassadors towards our customers and assure our customers of the skill and professionalism they value so much. Because we want to be there for our customers as a total team, we also involve these colleagues as much as possible in our business, our events and our social occasions.

Employees in the supply chain

Sligro Food Group has been a member of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) since 2010. BSCI is a business-driven platform that encourages members and supply chain partners to reach agreement on improved working conditions. Sligro Food Group strives to follow the BSCI principles, as set out in the BSCI Code of Conduct. Our procurement terms stipulate that the commitment of our suppliers to BSCI principles is a precondition of supply. Where our suppliers have production sites in countries that BSCI classifies as high-risk, these sites are regularly audited to check for acceptable working conditions.