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Sligro Food Group aspires to be an organisation where teams of satisfied, engaged and professionally strong employees work together to achieve the Group’s ambitions.

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We aspire to be an attractive employer to our current and future employees. Learning and performing go hand in hand in our approach to managing, supervising and developing employees and teams. Our Talent Management programme targets creating a strong connection with our talented employees to help them excel to the maximum. Today’s rapidly changing world with major demographic shifts and impactful digital developments calls for a focus on our employees’ sustainable employability to be able to face the resulting challenges together. We ensure that employees can rapidly be deployed through a revised induction programme and an extensive range of tailored onboarding programmes for each department.

For many years now, we have applied a policy of pursuing relatively long-term employment relationships. We aim to achieve this by keeping our employees interested and securing their loyalty. To do so, we stimulate employees’ development by allowing them to self-manage and by offering them structured and challenging training options and wide-ranging career opportunities.

Where necessary, our HR policy caters to specific target groups, to keep it aligned with the specific needs of different segments of the labour market and of groups of employees. This is necessary in the current tight labour market, but also with a view to promoting diversity and inclusiveness within the various teams.

The four pillars of our employee vision: people & teams, leadership, culture and organisation are used to develop this. We see this as an integral part of our business strategy. We have embedded and linked the People Strategy and the annual People Plans in and to our business strategy and annual planning cycle. This should enable us to achieve active progress in these areas, while balancing them with our other business goals.

Green Blood

Our distinct culture with its embedded values and standards is an important pillar of our way of doing business. Within our organisation, you can feel the passion for our products, services and customers. We are averse to status and strive for transparency and an atmosphere of trust and respect. Improving insights by connecting colleagues with rich Sligro Food Group experience and new talents requires constructive dialogue. 

Our entrepreneurial nature makes us agile and our compass indicates the course we have set:

Helping every professional in food truly get ahead.

We do so from our five core values that collectively make up our Green Blood:

  • Gutsy enterprise
  • Stronger together
  • Strength in simplicity
  • Better every day
  • Pride arising from passion

People & Teams

We are successful because we understand our profession and are driven by passion, commitment, sustainability and entrepreneurship in our work. We collaborate effectively, with the right mix of people and resources, and act pragmatically. As dependable colleagues, we say what we will do and meet those commitments. Learning, performing and craftsmanship go hand in hand for us.


As people-oriented and result-driven leaders, we are broadly visible throughout the organisation and show genuine interest in our people and customers. We use our intimate knowledge of our day-to-day business to actively manage our operations, improvements and change programmes by guiding and supervising based on clear frameworks. With a clear vision and through exemplary behaviour, we motivate and inspire to empower our people. We foster a safe learning and performance environment where connection, inclusiveness and focus are key.


We take pride in our products and the excellent service we give our customers, and share a passion for good food and drink. We are a transparent company and we trust each other and treat each other with respect. We do not exclude anyone and are averse to pursuing status. We work based on our standards and values, but also take an entrepreneurial approach. Our DNA (Green Blood, Salt and Pepper) is our moral compass. Together, we constantly seek solutions and improvements. We connect people and knowledge and celebrate our successes.


We are a customer-oriented, agile organisation with clear frameworks. We serve our customers through various channels; leading to an optimum customer experience. We continually act to minimise distractions for the teams in the operational environment so that they can devote their full attention to customers. Those actions are initiated by the organisation at Group level. We are not afraid to take decisions, base our decision-making on our views as entrepreneurs and substantiate those insights with data where necessary. We are transparent, plan realistically and ambitiously and work in multidisciplinary and diverse teams. We strike a good balance between realising today’s objectives and introducing tomorrow’s innovations. Our KPIs are clear and provide effective guidelines for our own contribution in relation to our common goals.