As a company we have an important responsibility for safety and perceived safety of our employees.

Working in our company is not by nature unsafe and continuous attention will help keep it so.


Working groups

There are various working groups within Sligro Food Group. It is the job of each working group to make risk assessments relating to its particular safety aspect within the organisation, suggest improvements and oversee their implementation.

Safe working environment

We believe it is important that staff should feel safe at work. We do not discriminate against people and we treat everyone with respect in a culture of openness. Reports of sexual harassment or objectionable behaviour by superiors are always acted on.

safe work enviroment foto

Shop floor safety

Another aspect of safety is actual, physical safety on the shop floor. That means using the right personal protective equipment, for example, and the right tools and equipment as well as complying with lifting instructions. In our training efforts we devote considerable attention to safe working practices.

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