Annual audit of European Organic Quality Mark successfully completed

Sligro Food Group successfully completed the annual Skal audit at its head office in Veghel last week. Skal is an independent organisation that supervises the entire organic chain in The Netherlands. By supervising, certifying and informing, they are committed to a provable, reliable organic product for consumers. They ensure that the organic production, processing and trading of products complies with the organic EU regulation and the Dutch Agricultural Quality Act. As such, they are also authorised to issue certificates for the European Organic Label.

During an audit, various issues are looked at and evaluated. For example, complaint registration, organic certificates from suppliers and labels of Own Brands products are checked. The audit was successful, which means that we have renewed our European Organic Quality Mark certificate for another year and may continue to sell our organic Own Brand products as European Organic certified. The Quality Mark can be recognised by the green leaf with white stars on various products from Alex Meijer, Très Bonne, Gouden Banier and Daendels, among others!