The Green Hen

The Green Hen is one of the exclusive brands of Sligro for sustainable egg products and carries the 'On the way to PlanetProof' certification on its entire assortment. 

On the way to PlanetProof
The production of eggs involves a major impact on our environment. Farmers who are On the way to PlanetProof certified limit this impact. This is because they are ambitious in terms of energy, climate and animal welfare. Chickens that are allowed to exhibit natural behavior lay the best eggs. The habitat of the chickens has a green energy supply, thus minimizing emissions.

'Eerlijk & Heerlijk'
Of course, the egg products of The Green Hen are part of 'Eerlijk & Heerlijk'. With the Eerlijk & Heerlijk range, Sligro helps customers find their way around the world of sustainable food and non-food products and supports them in making sustainable and responsible choices. This is based on four pillars: organic, sustainable, fair trade and local.