Sligro Food Group acquires part of Simon Loos’ activities

Sligro Food Group N.V., Simon Loos Transport B.V. and Koninklijke Euser B.V. announce that they expect to reach agreement on the sale of Simon Loos Transport B.V.’s current transport activities for Sligro Food Group to Sligro Food Group Transport B.V. and Koninklijke Euser B.V

As a result of this agreement, the transport activities for the Sligro Delivery Service sites in Amsterdam, Berkel en Rodenrijs and Drachten will be transferred to Sligro Food Group Transport B.V. and those for the sites in Vianen, Vlissingen and Sluis will be transferred to Koninklijke Euser B.V.

This transaction affects around 260 employees, with around 75% of these transferring to Sligro Food Group Transport B.V. and the other 25% moving over to Koninklijke Euser B.V.  The proposed decision has no consequences for the terms of employment, employment situation or location of the affected employees. The works councils have each issued a positive recommendation on this proposed transaction. 

Peter Appel, CEO of Simon Loos Transport: “For us, this decision stems from a strategic reorientation of our business going forward. Through this transfer, we are acting for the long term on our ambition to grow and direct our efforts most effectively towards our other business activities. We are confident that our staff are in good hands with our acquisition partners.”

Bas Euser, CEO of Koninklijke Euser: “It’s a wonderful, formidable expansion for us to join forces as a partner in business with our client Sligro Food Group and to take on this challenge. We are stronger together.”

Koen Slippens, CEO of Sligro Food Group: “This is a great step forward in our ambition to carry out part of our transport activities on our own through Sligro Food Group Transport. In our daily ordering and delivery process, it is our drivers who serve as the valuable last point of contact with our customers. In acquiring these activities, we are laying an important foundation for Sligro Food Group Transport.”

Open here the press release in PDF.

Veghel, 1 December 2023

On behalf of Sligro Food Group N.V.                                  

Koen Slippens, CEO
Rob van der Sluijs, CFO

Tel. +31 413 34 35 00


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