Sligro Food Group makes a bid for Metro activities in Belgium

In respect to the judicial reorganisation of Makro Cash & Carry Belgium NV/SA, on 10 October 2022 we announced that we see opportunities with regard to the Metro activities. At that time, we registered as an interested party with the court-appointed judicial trustees.

We have investigated whether and, if so, how and under what conditions we can combine Metro activities with those of Sligro Food Group. This has resulted in a concrete offer, which we today presented to the judicial trustees. They are now working out the details for the next phase in this process, an undertaking that is expected to take some time. Accordingly, we will not be making any further announcement on the content of our bid at this time.

Veghel, 15 November 2022

On behalf of Sligro Food Group N.V.                                  

Koen Slippens, CEO
Rob van der Sluijs, CFO

Tel. +31 413 34 35 00


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