Sligro has reopened in Haarlem

Completely renovated
This site has recently been completely remodelled and the result is impressive. The product range has been expanded to include a completely new fresh food department with a diverse selection of meat, fish, game & poultry, fruit & vegetables, and bread & pastries.

Significant investments have been made in the sustainability of the building. Just like all other recent Sligo buildings, this one is now completely gas-free. Heating is provided through the recovery of heat from the refrigeration units, which saves about 65,000m3 of gas and cuts carbon emissions by 118,000kg. The refrigeration systems run on a 100% natural refrigerant. LED lighting saves 49% energy, and the car park is equipped with charging stations.  

“The complete remodelling of this outlet was a huge task, since we continued to operate as usual and tried to inconvenience our customers as little as possible,” explains Kees Kiestra, director of cash-and-carry outlets. “This went very well, and as the renovation progressed, customers became almost more enthusiastic than we were! Absolutely every hotel, restaurant and SME can come to us for their commercial purchases.”