Successful go-live of SAP in Sligro-ISPC Antwerp

Last week, Sligro Food Group successfully switched the Sligro-ISPC site in Antwerp to a new ERP environment based on SAP.

The new web environment was launched in 2020 and the new item data environment was brought into use in the autumn of 2021. And now the third major building block, the ERP system including the associated systems, is live.

Rob van der Sluijs, CFO: ‘We see this new integrated technical environment and the associated uniform business processes as a prerequisite for controlled international growth, where economies of scale can be used to increase efficiency. We are extremely proud of the perseverance and commitment of all staff and partners who have helped us in this journey and will continue to support us during the rollout.’

In the coming years, sites in Belgium and the Netherlands will be transferred one by one to this new environment so that ultimately the Group will be using a single integrated platform with uniform business processes.

As of this month, capitalised costs of €55 million to date will be amortised over a period of five years.


Veghel, 28 November 2022

On behalf of Sligro Food Group N.V.                                  

Koen Slippens, CEO
Rob van der Sluijs, CFO

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