Annual General Meeting 2023

The General Meeting of Shareholders was held on Wednesday March 22, 2023, 10:30 am, at the company's offices, Corridor 11 in Veghel.

ADDITION / UPDATE 2 March 2023: Clarification of the purpose and content of the paragraph emphasising a matter in the auditor’s report issued by Deloitte Accountants B.V. included in the annual report for the 2022 financial year, following questions submitted prior to the General Meeting of Shareholders.

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Sligro Food Group
Corridor 11
5466 RB Veghel

Important dates

Annual General Meeting (AGM) 22 March 2023
Ex-dividend listing 24 March 2023
Record date 27 March 2023
Cash dividend available for payment 3 April 2023


Open here the Convocation for the AGM on 22 March 2023

Voting proxy and instructions

Open here the Voting proxy and instructions for the AGM on 22 March 2023

Agenda and appendices

Open here the Agenda for the AGM on 22 March 2023.  


Presentation of the AGM

Open here the presentation - in Dutch - of the AGM on 22 March 2023

Voting results

Open here the voting results of the AGM on 22 March 2023.   


Open here the minutes of the AGM on 22 March 2023