Sligro Food Group and HEINEKEN Netherlands move towards strategic partnership

Sligro Food Group N.V. and HEINEKEN Nederland B.V. have announced that they expect to reach agreement about a strategic partnership for beer and cider logistics in The Netherlands and the sale of other parts of the Heineken beverages wholesaler to Sligro Food Group.

As a result of the planned partnership, Sligro will carry out HEINEKEN’s logistics operations for the Dutch hospitality sector. This means that Sligro will process, store and deliver beer and cider orders placed by the hospitality sector for HEINEKEN, creating a one-stop shop for all beverages, food and non-food orders for hospitality sector customers. Not included in the partnership is the delivery of tank beer, which HEINEKEN will continue to do. This proposed partnership will make HEINEKEN Sligro’s number one partner for beer and cider.

In addition, as part of this proposed partnership, HEINEKEN will sell the wholesale operations of the other food and non-food range, including soft drinks, waters, spirits, wines, tea and coffee to Sligro. This transaction will boost Sligro’s wholesale sales by approximately €150 million. Sligro’s cash-and-carry sales and the retail sales of both partners are not included. The proposed partnership is intended to be long-term, initially for a period of 15 years. Parties aim to complete the transaction in the autumn.

Read more in the press releases.

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