ZiN culinary affiliated to Dutch Cuisine

ZiN Inspiratielab, an initiative of Sligro Food Group, recently joined Dutch Cuisine, a foundation that aims to put our unique, Dutch food culture back on the map. ZiN Inspiratielab is the place where you can find new stimuli, impulses and inspiration in the form of blogs, training courses, trend tours and culinary events as a catering professional.

At ZiN they have been cooking according to the Dutch Cuisine principles for years. For example cooking with Dutch products, products from the season or according to the 80/20 rule (vegetables/meat). No-waste and sustainability are key. In addition, this way of cooking is beneficial for the purchasing and calculation of dishes for chefs and entrepreneurs. With this philosophy the chefs of ZiN want to contribute to the Dutch food culture. 

Dutch Cuisine gives a new perspective on our food culture, creating new economic values. The foundation has five principles based on the Dutch culinary identity. Principles that are sustainable for people, animals and the environment and guide our daily actions. 

  1. Cultural: the dish tells where and in what season we are. 
  2. Healthy: good for us and our earth.
  3. Nature: honest and versatile food from what nature offers us. 
  4. Quality: we buy, cook and eat consciously.
  5. Value: we work on results for tomorrow. 

Besides ZiN, De Nieuwe Winkel (**), Bolenius (*), De Librije (***) and Brut 172 (**), among others, are affiliated with Dutch Cuisine. The ZiN chefs are extra proud to be affiliated with this beautiful collective as a 'non-restaurant'.