Convocation, agenda, voting results, records and other related documents of the AGM of June 9, 2020.


General Meeting of Shareholders 2020

Annual General Meeting (AGM) 9 June 2020


Convocation and Protocol

Pursuant to the provisions of the COVID-19 Justice and Security (Interim Measures) Act (Tijdelijke wet COVID-19 Justitie en Veiligheid), the meeting could only be accesed electronically. Shareholders were able to submit written questions before the meeting and to grant a proxy and issue voting instructions.

Download the Convocation of the AGM.

Download Protocol for questions before and during the AGM on 9 June 2020.


Proxy, voting instructions and protocol

Download the Proxy and voting instructions.


Agenda and appendices

Download the Agenda.

Appendix 1, notes to agenda item 4.a
Download Remuneration Report 2019  

Appendix 4, notes to agenda item 5
Download Current Remuneration Policy, AGM 23-3-2016    

Download Proposed Remuneration Policy   

Download Remuneration Policy, mark up   

Download Works council endorsement Remuneration Policy - in Dutch

Appendix 8, notes to agenda items 8.a, 8.b and 8.c   
Download current articles of association - in Dutch   

Download Proposal to amend the articles of association (the changes) - in Dutch  

Download Proposal to amend the articles of association (continuous text) - in Dutch


Download the Presentation (in Dutch).


Voting results

Download the Voting results.


Minutes and Q&A

Download the Minutes.

Download Questions & Answers AGM 9 June 2020.